He's a self-taught photographer and a avid ocean enthusiast, who divides his time between the Northern California coastal landscape and the waters of the Caribbean. Since his early age he was drawn into the ocean, fascinated by the always altering contour of the waves, the intimidating raw strength and the beauty of the life beneath the tranquil surface. This interest one day led him to venture and built his first 35mm underwater housing, allowing him to capture his vision.

Help protect our delicate oceans, by keeping them clean and healthy!

Rubén Quiñones (Top)

Being behind the lens has granted him the opportunity to collaborate with multiple publications and clients over past years. His work constantly veers, nevertheless focusing within and around the ocean, from abstract seascapes to surfing, spearfishing and aerial photography. With his imagery he seeks to immerse audiences with the marine environment.

Help protect our oceans, keep them clean and healthy!

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Elias Nuñez (Bottom)

Rubén Quiñones

Elias Nuñez

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